Saturday, August 16, 2008

That Frog Can Dance!

Last week was Diva's annual dance camp. Unlike regular dance class, the dancers meet every single day for a week and the class runs just a little longer than usual. At the end of the week, the dancers get to raid the wardrobe closet and put together their own costumes then put on a short program for the families.

I took Little Frog with me when I went to get Diva on Thursday. We got there a little early and I told Frog he could come into the studio where the girls were dancing if he was quiet. Frog loves to watch dancing on TV, but he had never seen his sister "perform." He got very excited when the music started. He kept referencing me with a big smile and very communicative glances. He began to move with the music. When the dancing started, he needed to jump! I eased him into my lap and he watched with rap attention, vocalizing a little, but trying very hard to be quiet. When the music stopped, Frog would clap and clap - his way of saying "do it again" but in this context it worked perfectly as applause or "encore!" We only had to leave the room once. When we returned, Frog rocked to the music on his knees and never took his eyes off the dance. When class was over, the girls filed passed him and he tried to make eye contact with them as he clapped and clapped. Frog is an excellent audience - and I think there is a dancer inside there :0)

Diva is an amazing ballerina. This week was more about jazz, so it was a little different for her. The girls learned 4 dances for the show. The last one, a jazz combination, was really challenging. The girls all had the combo down, but they and the teacher kept changing the order of the choreography making the dance confusing for the girls. It was also very hot on Friday. By the time they got through the class, they were almost too pooped to put on the show - but the show must go on!

I've spliced it together a little and put it to the song they used for the last Jazz number. Diva is a bit perplexed by the slowed motion of the video, but I like seeing their moves in detail. Diva(if you are new to this blog)is the blond with the ponytail, black leotard, green sequined skirt and no hat. Enjoy!


JoyMama said...

Being a good audience member isn't easy -- way to go, Little Frog! I love what a multi-shaded communication hand-clapping can be. Around here, it generally means "all done" (because when you finish something, people clap for you!)

Maddy said...

I know about the heat!

So graceful and lithe, what a little star.
Best wishes

hellokittiemama said...

Wow! Way to go Diva - she did great. My little diva loves dancing too - I'll have to show her the video!!!

Now WAY WAY WAY to go for FROG on watching and being a good audience member - clapping appropriately. This is one of our most difficult challenges.. up until recently my son hated/was afraid/melted down/pitched a fit anytime there was clapping - getting better, thankfully. Yay Frog and Diva!!!

Julie said...

Nice video and awesome that Frog did so well! And enjoyed it- that makes it even better!! Daniel will cry is people clap, if it's not loud. Then he'll yell. Poor guy.

rhemashope said...

Diva looks like a good dancer - I like her jumps! So did she get all her dance moves from watching you Flamenco around the living room?
Your description of Frog enjoying the music and dance is so endearing.