Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Drive #1

Kim at Up North Mommy has started a tradition of sharing photos on Sunday in a "Sunday Drive" post. I love this idea.

I remember the Sunday drives my family took when I was young (although my sister and I lobbied hard enough to change the meaning slightly - if we did not complain about being board or poke each other during the drive, we stopped for an ice cream Sunday on the way home :0).

I've decided to follow Up North Mommy's lead and share the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with my family and bloggerhood friends. Getting off to less than a rousing start, however, I could not coax my brood into the car. So I walked my property and took in the view from home -

Gray clouds hid the sun and threatened rain all day long. I took these pictures from the backyard around 7pm. The sun was starting to break through the gloom just in time to set.

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