Sunday, December 14, 2008

Diva's Home Meet

Diva has been a very busy gymnast this fall. Here is video of her home meet yesterday - her very best meet yet. She competes as a USGA Level 4.

She scored a 9.0 on Bars, a 9.1 on Vault, am 8.6 on Floor, and an 8.9 on Beam - she was very happy with her performance.

We tried to take Frog to the meet. He loves to watch the girls practice. Spectators were seated up in the mezzanine of the gym. The view from the top of the gym sent him into a complete sensory meltdown. He and I finally had to leave before the meet even started. When he calmed down, all he could tell me was the it was scary. I'm not sure if it was a perceptual processing issue or if seeing all the girls running around the floor for warm up, all dressed exactly alike with their hair up, made him think Diva had suddenly become 20 people or was moving so fast he could see her in multiple places at once. We headed for home and did a little rapid prompting session before he retired to his room for some quite time.

Today we woke up to several inches of snow. We are planning on making and baking Christmas presents today (hot chocolate mix, homemade marshmallows, and honey spiced nuts.)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

All is Well, just no time to type :0)

Just a quick note of thanks to everyone who has checked up on me! We are all fine here at the pond. We've spent the last weeks working on getting a re-evaluation for Frog - closing out the old IEP and getting a new one together. I've also been teaching an enrichment cluster in Diva's multi age cohort at school - 12 kids ranging between 1st and 5th grade. The theme this year was Winter Celebrations around the world - we are studying celebrations that grew out of a recognition of winter solstice - the shortest night of the year. Lots and lots of prep time have gone into project which we based on Lights of Winter

We've made Yule logs, wassail, Swags, Saturnalia cake and meed (mock of course), Chinese lanterns, and Raven masks. We've told stories from Scandinavia, Italy, China, India and America. We are noting many similarities between ancient celebrations and some of our current winter celebration customs.

I also have new office space and hope to start moving in and getting set-up the week of the 15th (when the enrichment cluster is over). I've been busily scouring the Internet for deals on office furnishings and equipment.

Today we are off to Bellevue for Diva's first State Championship Gymnastics Meet. Tomorrow she has a mini dance recital and next Saturday her gymnastics club is holding their home meet/exhibition.

If all goes well - I'll be back to posting around the 22nd. I promise I am coming back!