Monday, August 11, 2008

Art at the Pond


Inspired by our trip to The Seattle Art Museum Diva and I decided today was a good day for some art. In hopes of coaxing Frog to join us, we choose finger paints outside.

Frog has never been into art projects. He will usually scribble a line or two to humor me, then do everything possible to get out of there. We bought some large rectangular bee's wax crayons - he likes the way they feel when he bites them. He used to bring home lots of fun and creative art projects from school. I suspect we displayed a lot or Para Educator Julie's art on our refrigerator. For our home school projects we try to keep everything very sensory based - playing with colored water, pouring birdseed over peanut buttered pine cones, dropping feather or sand or rocks onto a gluey piece of paper, etc.

Today I taped finger painting paper to our fence and filled our sensory table with small tubs of different colored finger paints and a big bowl of water. Frog was enticed to join us by the big bowl of water. He also enjoyed the squishy paint. With a little hand over hand he agreed to participate putting paint to paper and moving it about. The end result was really something interesting. I took the paints and water back into the house and came back with my camera.



There was not much left to take a picture of but Frog had gone back to the art on his own. When asked if he liked his picture he clapped twice - that's YES in Frog speak

Here is Diva's creation for the day -



Bonnie said...

Have you tried finger painting with shaving cream and a little food coloring. It has an interesting feel.

hellokittiemama said...

Hey, at least he painted -that in itself is an accomplishment. I can see my son being 'miffed' about the tape and pulling it down. As for displaying para's artwork.. oh I so know we have!!!!!

Frogs' mom said...

Hi Bonnie -

Yes shaving cream, whipped cream, toothpaste, pudding, ketchup - anything that we can spread and can safely go in the mouth is fair game around here. We also use these mediums to practice writing letters - something he is interested in.

Hi Hellokittiemama -

I thought it was an accomplishment too. It is so Frog to wait until he is alone to try something. I was especially pleased that he "liked" his work. It lets me know that he is interested even if it is difficult for him to stay focused.

Kari said...

This looks like great fun. Mr Tristan and I may just have to try it out. We don't do alot of painting because I can't stand the mess. I never thought to tape the paper outside on the fence. Great Idea. Awesome that he liked his work. :)

Trish said...

Glad he decided to join in! Thanks for sharing his creation. :)

lonestar818 said...

The tape was a great idea, I know it can be frustrating when kids struggle w/ fine motor control to color or paint when the paper keeps moving around.

Love the paintings, and I'm glad Frog was happy with his!

happycfam said...

So cool. I love this idea, even if it's not a hit at first! Thanks

BoufMom9 said...

Love he idea of just taping it up outside! so much cleaner! I can't wait until my twins are just a bit older. (one of mine has sensory problems and right now, he just eats everything still. UGH!)
Loved the picture when it was done, well, what was left. Fantastic usage of the colors!

Childlife said...

Oh, I love this! Such a great idea for summer and it looks like both of your kiddos had a blast :) Frog did such a great job with his painting and I'm so glad you joined in for MMM!

~Michelle @ In The Life of a Child

Aspergertopia said...

I love it! Awesome creations by both! Definitley on our to do list while the weather is still warm.

Noah has sensory issues with touching things like finger paint. Outside though, maybe by the pool where he can quickly wash off might be the ticket.


Elizabeth Channel said...

This is such a great idea. And now that my neighbors have put up a 10-foot privacy fence separating our yards, I'm going to try it!

I love the shaving cream idea, too. Perfect for the sensory stuff we are working on right now.

Thanks for great ideas!

rainbowmummy said...

great pictures, great idea.
mixing sand would give a new feel.
I saw this on tv...soak sponges in watered down paint. Put the sponges onto paper and hit with something like a spatula, or fly swat(i have fogotten what you call them!). Might be fun for frog...

rainbowmummy said...
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rainbowmummy said...
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rainbowmummy said...
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