Monday, February 16, 2009

Frog's Words

As we have been making the transition from Home School back to public school, Frog's Para Educator was coming to our house to observe. I wanted to find some exercises that showed how I use the Rapid Prompting Method with Frog and expand it into other activities. I also had a new book for us to read, Max's Words

About a boy who collects words,

then uses them to write a story.

We read the book and Frog answered questions about the story using the Rapid Prompting Method. Then I got out all of the books Frog and I have been reading and let him use his yes sign and pointing to choose words from each book. When we had a stack of words, we wrote a story and he picked between 2 to 4 word choices from his stack to continue the story as we went. When we finished the story, Frog picked between stamps and pictures to illustrate the story.

Here are Frog's Words,

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back to School for Frog and Mom

Frog is getting back to school and is transitioning better than any of us could have hoped. I hope to have some pictures up soon!

In the mean time, a friend of mine at Merrill Lynch sent me an invitation to participate in an online seminar on Special Needs Planning. I told her I'd spread the word - It looks like a good line-up of presenters and should cover a lot of the topics and information we always plan to look into, but never find the time for:

SPECIAL NEEDS PLANNING An Interactive Online Seminar presented by EPLiveOnline and Merrill Lynch

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Bunny Who Adopted Us

Over Christmas break, Diva discovered a small, black wild bunny eating leaves off of a hydrangea bush outside our back door. The Bunny was very skittish - it ran every time we looked out the window. We put some food out for it, but found it very hard to get a picture without the Bunny running off. Yet, the Bunny kept coming back. It soon discovered our fully fenced front yard and decided, as long as I didn't open the front door, it was a safe and friendly place to forage. Last week the weather began to change. We've had several cold but sunny days and Frog could not wait to get back outside. To our surprise, Bunny - now named Licorice by Diva - is happy to share the yard with Frog. As long as the rest of us keep our distance, the Bunny bounces around the yard like a puppy and approaches Frog with curiosity. Here's a little video clip - It is a little hard to see, because Licorice won't let me tape from outside.

I think Frog's pet found him :0)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Frog's Art

Not bad for the Frog who runs from art projects!

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