Sunday, August 03, 2008

Party at the Pond

Frog has been very excited about his birthday this year. Last year he was still overwhelmed by kids and expectations. We went to a couple of birthday parties for other boys - where he was not the center of attention - and I think it helped. We decided to tone down the party aspect of his birthday this year and it seems like he is enjoying himself more. On Wednesday, we put one present, a book written for Frog by Diva, on the table with his breakfast. He warmed up to it slowly and took it from the table when no one was looking. He removed the ribbon and opened the gift all by himself outside in the yard. This is the first gift I can remember him opening without prompting and assistance (except, of course, the gifts we wrap for other people that he finds before we get them out of the house). Grandma stopped by with a great big Mylar balloon and a giant musical birthday card. Frog played and wrestled with that balloon all moring, finally putting a hole in it. Diva said "Wow, he got more entertainment out of that balloon in ten minutes than he does out of most toys in a year!" We have two play dates set-up in lieu of a kids' party. We are hoping that one playmate at a time will make the "party" more fun for Frog. His birthday present from Mom and Dad was a large trampoline that we set-up last week so he would have some time to warm up to it. The plan worked. Today we had a Birthday Party with family members. Frog and Diva jumped and jumped. Frog ate his cake in his sandbox (recently refurbished by Diva and Mom). Frog and Diva finished the day in the pool. Frog got another Mylar balloon from his Aunt and Uncle. The balloon plays the happy birthday song when you tap it. Frog has been tapping the balloon all evening and grinning from ear to ear.


Maddy said...

Perfect. What a good sharer you are.

I still wrap my son's presents in tea towels rather than paper but he does open them.

What a good idea to start with one thing [present] Wish I'd thought of that.
Best wishes

Frogs' mom said...

Hi Maddy,

It's been a few years of growth on Frog's part and trial and error on mine, but I think we have it down now. I'm wondering about making Christmas more of a "12 days of" sort of thing - at least with the gifts. I'll have to see if I can get the Grandparents on board for that!

Thanks for the link to 5 minutes for special needs. I think I might be able to manage a consistent Special Exposure Wed. post.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a fun birthday and they look like they're enjoying the trampoline. Very Cute post!

rainbowmummy said...
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rainbowmummy said...

great post!

Yep I only started doing things right by son birthday/xmas wise recently, I was getting it so wrong. I canceled grandparents birthdays this year, after watching hismelt down at my very low key birthday, and his dads, in Sep went amazingly well,apartfrom the day before, and a mix up as to hatno birthday paty actually ment, he thought it the cake/singing, p when I was aying there would be no birthday party he was getting understandbly annoyed.
I am looking forward to christmas.

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benilhalk said...

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