Friday, October 16, 2009

Frog goes to the Ocean

Frog finally got his long awaited trip to the Pacific Ocean after a summer long home study of oceans and oceanography. He was thrilled to be going and enjoyed the hours long car ride to the beach.

We stayed at Seabrook WA, in a charming rental house that was oh so beach chic! If you are looking for a family friendly (autism friendly) rental on the WA coast, I highly recommend it:


We were three generations in one house. Diva brought one of her best friends for a girls' weekend. We had a great time and the girls loved having the loft all to themselves. We walked to the park, watched a local kids' soccer game, and biked through the neighborhood. Frog took his new birthday bike. The hot tub was a hit with all of the kids too. And we topped it off with a Harry Potter Movie Marathon.

Then we walked across the road to the beach - the woods, the water, the sand . . .Frog could have lived there!

All in all, a very successful family weekend escape - we hope to return one day soon :0)