Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Drive #3

On the way home from the birthday party -

- J.L. Seagull

- the committee

- Mr. Goose.

So nice of Mr. Goose to pose for us. We'll be using his picture in our fall and winter migration studies at home school on the pond!

- Neighborhood sunset

Neighborhood sunset turned out to be anything but peaceful. Diva noticed a strange truck stop on the road in front of our house. I told her not to worry, and came to the porch to see who it might be. I didn't recognize the truck and couldn't see the occupants. They made no move to acknowledge me. I got my camera and went to the driveway as they pulled away and turned left at our intersection. The truck proceeded to park about 100 feet down the road and again sat, motor off, for five minutes. Truck moved about 100 feet past the next house and stopped. At the end of the road the truck turned back the did the same thing on the other side of the road. I called a neighbor who said they were watching this too and she was on her way out to get the license plate. The truck left and headed down the same road on the opposite side of the intersection. I just finished giving a description of events and showing my oh so blurry picture to a Sheriff's Deputy. We are locking the doors tonight!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, um... the committee picture is... well, cool to look at from a distance... where was that photo taken???

did you find out anything about the strange truck?

Anonymous said...

Cute photos, love the raccoons! creepy about the truck, hope you find out what they were doing soon to put your mind at ease. Smart to grab the camera!


Frogs' mom said...

The raccoon picture was taken from inside the van - I'm not messing with that crowd... I'm just glad they hang out at this lookout point and stay away from my garbage can!

Haven't heard any more about the truck. General consensus is they were casing the neighborhood - but could they have been any more obvious about it? We'll be a little tighter on security around her from now on :0)

rickismom said...

I'm impressed by how close you got to the racoons. I guess they're used to being fed????

Frogs' mom said...

In our town, there are two one way streets. Together they make a loop around the main business corridor. At one end of the loop you find all of the fast food joints. About half way round on the North side you find this little Park(inglot) overlooking the harbor. Enormous quantities of fast food are consumed by humans, raccoons and seagulls at this location. The signs warning not to feed the critters go largely unheeded. And the garbage can is usually filled to capacity making it easy pickings for these basin little chaps. They travel in this pack - sort of our version of a street gang. :0)

rainbowmummy said...

Freaky truck story...

rainbowmummy said...
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