Saturday, September 06, 2008

SOOC Saturday

Melody at Slurping Life has started posting SOOC on Saturday. SOOC stands for "Straight Out Of Camera" - no editing allowed. I think this is a great idea - A fun quick post for a busy Saturday! Visit her blog and check the comments for links to other SOOC postings.

Here is my first SOOC offering:

With or without?

There were originally 4 cookie faces. Frog waited so patiently for me to frost the first cookie, then slowly assemble the face, naming each part as I went. When he was finally allowed to take his coveted prize, he ran off, cookie in mouth, then stopped suddenly. The screaming commenced - pausing only occasionally to gulp a breath or wipe frantically at his tongue.

I had already tasted the cookies and frosting - they weren't that bad. After a struggle to look into the wailing mouth to check for cracked teeth or bleeding checks or tongue, it was finally decided that Frog does not like almond extract. He spent the next half hour in the bathtub rinsing his mouth with water, soap, toothpaste. After the bath he ate all the chips he could get his hands on. Over the next two days he managed the eat the bulk of the UN-frosted cookies. I did not have to worry about him getting into and making a mess with the purple frosting.


Maddy said...

Indeed. My little one would have had to run around with a flannel in his mouth for at least 10 minutes to eradicate such 'filth' from his mouth.

At 7 or rather nearly 8 he has just 'mastered' chocolate chip cookies [only one brand mind you] Needless to say his peers are bemused and confused.

~ Melody ~ said...

LOL because I understand...Mac would have been drinking gallons of water in between the gulps he used to swish and spit.

The cookies are way cute. Great SOOC.

Frogs' mom said...

I felt so bad for my little guy - not only because of his obvious distress, but how awful to have something so promising turn into such a disappointment! :0(

Anonymous said...

Awwww poor little lad! Next time just plain sugar cookies or chocolate chip momma. Love the picture.


lonestar818 said...

Oh no, poor guy! Way to go mom for figuring out what it was that he didn't like, at least now you know for next time.

btw those cookies look yummy :)

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