Monday, September 01, 2008

Back to School Countdown

4. Clean and organize house (especially the front closet aka barbie land).


3. Organize home school curriculum and supplies

2. Gather Diva's supplies: Old back pack, new lunch bag, new water bottle, new and old school supplies, cash for newsletter.


1. Finish Diva's Summer to do list: last item - "learn to ride my bike."


We are ready to go!


rickismom said...

Since WHEN do you have to clean and organize the house for "back to school"? School supplies, OK, but barbie closets? GIMME a BREAK. Ricki would have NEVER gotten back to school......

Casdok said...

Very organised!
Hope all goes well!

Anonymous said...

WOW! it all looks fantastic! good luck!

Frogs' mom said...

Hi Rickismom,

I know it sounds crazy, but I home school Frog and he has a need to strew everything liberally around the house. If I don't have a place to lock things away, we would learn nothing but the janitorial arts (we get enough of that already :0).

Hi Casdok, Hi Kyra,

Thanks for the good wishes; I can use all I can get! :0)

rickismom said...

OK, Once you said "homeschool. it fit......

autismfamily said...

The pics are great and show how organized your home is. Last year when we started homeschooling I got this rolling cart for school work at Staples. Luckily my son could put it together. I have four sections of file folders and then on top we keep school books. Supplies are late this year so having to print out a lot.

rainbowmummy said...

I need to get this dump sorted out, as you know he isn't home schooled but I know the clutter gets to him and it drives me crazy. I eally hate my house, never mind..

GO DIVA WHOOO!! I can't ride a bike and I am 24 pehaps frogs' dad can teach me? lol! In fact I know he won't I have NO sense of balance at all lol