Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Day at the Park

Some days school is slower than usual. When motivation of teacher and student lag - we head for the park.




to find out what else we do on a slow day visit Frog's School


lonestar818 said...

I love all the pictures, and how you're combining learning and fun! Awesome :)

Rachel said...

I love his sweet smile at you through the slide. He looks so playful!

And gosh darn is he LONG. I have trouble getting pants that fit my kid - he's got a skinny tummy and long legs.

Thanks for the pictures - it was great to see what a "slow" day looks like for you!

Frogs' mom said...

Hi Lonestar,

I'm having fun with the camera. When he was smaller, I didn't dare let go of his hand - so I don't have a lot of pictures (not like when Diva was a toddler - preschooler). I guess I'm making up for it now :0)

Hi Rachel,

I love the slide picture to. You may notice that most of my pictures of Frog are from behind or profile - that is usually the only way he will let me take him picture. When I take a picture head-on, his face goes blank and his eyes look stoned - so not the Frog we know. I think it is because my face goes behind that camera. In the slide I caught him by surprise. That is the face he usually looks at us with!

We have trouble with pants too. I just got rid of all the 3T (which fit him around the waist). The 4T fits him in length, but even with the adjustable waist, he can pull them right down - he wears a lot of sweat pants right now (that’s what he prefers anyways).