Sunday, November 04, 2007


I'll need everyone to send me strength tomorrow. We are finally fed up with Frog's pre-school teacher. She is a lovely lady with good intentions who's program works for some kids - but she does not take advice from ANYONE, and she has now called an emergency IEP modification meeting because, after telling us all year how well Frog is doing, she has determined that he is not progressing and his behaviors and sensory issues are to blame. I spent last Friday observing and it was not hard to see that if there is a problem it is with his inability to communicate in a way that she and her staff will acknowledge or honor. Frankly, if she treated me the way she treats him, in the name of progress and learning, I'd pinch her too! We plan to thank the team for their efforts and withdraw him from school. We've started an ENKI homeschool program and plan to continue with it. But, being one who does not like to ruffle feathers, I know that this will not be an easy meeting for me. My husband, on the other hand, who has not had as close contact with this teacher or the other team members would like to simply skip the meeting and sue someone for some of the behavior we've seen on the part of the school district. As an attorney - I don't think it is warranted or winnable, but as a parent, I understand his frustration.

On a lighter note - here are some pictures of what the frog family has been up to in my absence:


Maddy said...

What a creative bunch. So no update since the emergency IEP - I await further updates!
Best wishes

Maddy said...

Come along now. I was expecting an update!

rainbowmummy said...

Hope you did pinch her, we have a prents meeting in four days, I must do a good job and get stuff sorted. He has a black eye, plasticine in his ear...
the communication is crap...with the school I mean....he comes home black, clean him.....worried about views on asd/eye contact...scared of what speech and lang will be...he came home with a 2400 word book to read with me etc. GRRRR