Sunday, November 02, 2008

SOOC - After the Ball

OK, I'm having and SOOC Sunday instead of Saturday. Yesterday was Diva's 10th birthday - no time for blogging :0)

Diva was a princess for Halloween. But not one of the fake, sacrin Disney princesses. Diva wanted to be a real, serious princess - Princess Zia Zia (her self proclaimed - at age 18month - alter ego). She chose her best party dress, understated tiara, and riding boots - Princesses ride horses after all and it was a little cool and wet on Halloween night. This is what Princess Zia Zia looks like after a long day of attending to royal duties -

She is pictured with our house guest, Flat Stanley from Missouri. He dressed up as a ghost for Halloween.

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Susie said...

Those are great Halloween pictures:-)

Killlashandra said...

I'm glad she had an excellent birthday! And she's totally right, all princesses ride horses and should wear riding boots. :) That's just awesome.

Frogs' mom said...

Thanks Susie!

We had a few costume options for Frog - a wizard cape and wand or a surfer (his wetsuit) but in the end he wasn't up for a costume. We let him wear the striped shirt and soft pants he had on and told everyone he was going as Dennis the Menace! He wasn't much into trick-or-treating, but Diva snagged a few extra treats for him.

Hi Killashandra - I agree!

Golightly said...

Happy birthday to your princess. A girl after my own heart! Every princess should wear boots.

CC said...

Dressed up Flat Stanley is hilarious!!!

Happy birthday Diva!

Frogs' mom said...

Hi golightly - She is our shoe girl. Fortunatly she has Grandmothers and an Aunt who help her keep her shoe collection growing!

Hi CC - He was glad I made his costume out of felt - it kept him warm! :0)

Rachel said...

I love that she thought to wear riding boots - excellent! :)

cdlsva said...

Happy Birthday to Diva! I love her outfit, she was definitely a serious and lovely princess :-)

Love Flat Stanley's ghost costume!!

lonestar818 said...

Happy Birthday Diva!!

I love the pictures :)

Anonymous said...

And what a beautiful young girl that Princess Zia zia has become since her 18 month old arrival. Very cute Flat Stanley idea too.