Saturday, May 12, 2007

Welcome Home

The view from our Condo in Waik0loa on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Ocean Beach across the street at the Hilton.

One of the Dolphin Quest Dolphins with a Trainer at the Hilton.

One of the Many pools at the Hilton (we took this picture for Diva Frog). We had Daddy Frog's Birthday Dinner at the Provision Company (pictured here above the pool with the blue roof) the night we arrived. It is one of our favorite places to watch for the Green Flash just as the sun dips below the horizon.

I'm Back!

Hawaii was wonderful, as usual. We went earlier in the year this time and the cooler weather (if you can call 80 cooler) and smaller crowds suited me just fine. Daddy Frog swam and snorkeled to his heart's delight, and I just did things for "ME". I packed one whole suitcase with reading materials, exercise DVDs, art supplies, and music for relaxing. Daddy Frog thought I was crazy, but being the supportive, and extremely intelligent husband he is - he said nothing! And I used every bit of what I packed :0) I even packed my ballet shoes for the one real ballet class I take every year from Ms. Virginia at the Kohala Spa at the Hilton Waikoloa Village. I treated myself to uninterrupted Pilate's and yoga sessions, a Dan Brown novel, and drawing , while Daddy Frog swam with the dolphins (not the ones at the hotel program - the real, wild dolphins who came into a cove on the island to rest and play). In the afternoons we found each other and ate, shopped, wandered, and soaked in the sun together.

A week definitely goes by too fast, but we were eager to get home to see the kids and feeling a little guilty about leaving the grandparents in charge for so long. The kids did great but were ready for mom and dad to be home. Diva had play dates with her two best friends thanks to their wonderful moms who knew I was away. She also went out to dinner with her very cool Auntie M. Little Frog has most of the week off from school and his speech therapy was also cancelled. He got Grandma to take him to the beach and spent lots of time outside with Grandpa. Grandma said that shortly before we returned she took the kids back to our house to play with their toys. Little Frog wandered around the house calling mamamamama, and acting a bit upset. But when I met him as he got off the bus, he was all smiles. It took him a little while to process his emotions, but by the next day he was all hugs and giggles.

Diva, of course, was thrilled to be picked up at school by mom and dad. I was greeted by several of her classmates who said "You're Back. I knew you were coming today." Diva's teacher let her leave class early since she hadn't seen her mom for a whole week! She was very glad to see us, but her thoughts quickly turned to what might be in our suitcases. She was not disappointed - we found the perfect swimsuit she was longing for.

We were relieved to hear that the week went smoothly for the kids and the grandparents. It was nice to know we were missed and even nicer to know that the kids are able to cope without us knowing that we will return shortly. We have Daddy Frog to thank for that. He insisted from the day Diva was born that we needed to keep our annual couple's vacation as long as it was possible to do so. The kids have gotten used to us taking short trips and week long vacations since they were babies. And we are blessed to have two sets of grandparents who are such a big part of our children's lives who are willing and able to take them for a one week stretch. We don't know how much longer this arraignment will last, but for now it seems to do everyone some good.

Of course, the kids are never really off my mind. Things I learned on vacation: (1) Little Frog is a strong Right Brain processor who would benefit from spacial and gestalt (as opposed to discreet) approaches to education. This came to me as I read and worked my way through The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. (2) Pialte's might be the ticket to helping Diva hold her handstands for a longer stretch - scoop the belly!

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