Thursday, March 03, 2011

Almost a Snow Day

We've had some wild weather out here in the Pacific Northwest last week. Like we Washingtonians always say - if you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes and check again. We woke one morning to an expected snowfall. It was "expected" to end at 10am and change over to rain. It looked like the perfect day to stay home for some family bonding time. But the school district rolled the dice and elected to keep schools open with a two hour delay. 10 am came and the snow continued to fall. We headed out the door to make the long trip down the winding ice and snow covered hillside. Even in low gear it was more like Frog and Toad's wild ride! The snow continued all day long and school attendance was somewhere between 50 and 15%. I did notice a lot of kids on the local sledding hill up near our house after I got my kids off to school - not so much a matter of "can't" but rather "choose not to " get to school :0)

We did get our Family Snow Day bonding time after school - when Frog decided, after 7 years of avoiding it, this was his year to give "Playing in the snow" a try.

Following his venture into the snowy outdoors, it was time for an introduction to another snow day tradition - Hot Cocoa. Since it was around 4pm, we decided to make it a tea party -

Frog decided he likes tea parties and came back for seconds on the hot cocoa. We enjoyed watching the snow come down for the rest of the evening and did get a day off from school the next day. This week we've had damage to the school building that prevented frog from attending on Monday, a wind storm (60 mph) that knocked the power out on Wednesday, and lots and lots of rain predicted for the rest of the week - we are so ready for spring to get here!

On another front - I have a new autism link I think all parents of autistic children need to check out:

RETHINKING AUTISM is information about being autistic from the Real experts - autistic adults who actually know what it means to "be" autistic. Check it out and be sure to read the comments posted by these individuals.


Joy said...

There's nothing quite like playing outside in the snow and coming in for hot cocoa. I'm glad it's coming to an end for now though! :)

Max Boughner said...

Whoa, after playing outside during winter time, Frog really needs a cup of hot and sweet cocoa! Yummy! It must have been so cozy to stay inside the house and warm up a bit with some hot cocoa. You spent your bonding time wisely.

P.S.: LOL @ the third photo's roof! Literally full of snow! :D

>Max Boughner

Heather said...

Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)