Thursday, April 30, 2009

Free Summer School Curriculum

We've decided to opt out of Extended School Year services with our local district because Frog's para and teacher will not be part of the program. This left me contemplating going back to home school for the summer to keep Frog moving forward. With Rapid Prompting, we have found that he can access age appropriate curriculum when it is modified to work with the system.

Another home school mom just sent me a link to Unique Leaning System's Free Summer Curriculum offer. The materials are standards based and differentiated into three tiers to suit different types of learners. It looks promising and like something that could be used during the school year too. The price is right - I'll let you know what we think of the materials when we use them.


rainbowmummy said...

You will so be homeschooling! You can plan to do it or not, you'll still do it. It's in your blood!!

Frogs' mom said...

We are home schooling even when he is in school. He is doing well at school and really enjoys going - especially when he gets to spend time with the general ed kids. But he is only going to school for 2 to 3 hours a day - so we have to work at home to cover enough to keep him on track with his peers. Summer will be a good time to make-up ground and the home school work helps to keep him occupied and organized. But you are right - I have always been a home schooler even before I tried it with Frog. Diva and I have always explored and learned together and its the same (if different) with Frog.

I'm hoping to take what I've learned about different learning styles and offer it as tutoring sessions for other special needs kiddos - especially those who are struggling at school for lack of differentiation of curriculum.

lonestar said...

Thanks for the info! Dh does homeschooling every summery to keep the boys up on things and get them ready for the next grade level. Also helps to have the structure :).

Frogs' mom said...

I agree! Summer structure is important (more for some kiddos than others). Our options for extended school year don't meet my standards - so home school we will :0)

Chun Wong said...

I'd be interested to know how you find those materials, they look great from the description on the website.

Chun Wong