Saturday, October 04, 2008

Pumpkin Shells

We had 4 pumpkin tops left over from a home school craft project. The pumpkins now look like this

With the weather turning, I decided to put the pumpkin tops into Frog's new bulb garden.

I thought we could check for creatures that might take sanctuary under them - sort of a lead into our hibernation lessons.

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rainbowmummy said...

What a cool idea!!! Hope you get lots of creepy crawlies!!

~ Melody ~ said...

You are SO clever! Love the photos and the learning opportunity.

lonestar818 said...

What a great project! I'm curious to see what ends up living under the pumpkin tops :).

Frogs' mom said...

Hi Rainbowmummy - I've already found one beautiful beatle and there are a lot of slugs around. We'll just have to see who else shows up :0)

Hi Melody - I didn't really have this in mind, but it seemed such a shame to toss them on the compost heap while they were so fresh and pretty :0)

Hi Krist - Me too!

Mia said...

I love the pumpkins/flowers idea, may have to steal that one.

I like the pumpkin tops in the garden too, if you added some $1 store spider webbing it could be a great halloween decoration too!

Frogs' mom said...

Hi Mia,

That's a great idea! Diva and I have already beeen calling it the pumpkin grave yard - (lol)

Krystal said...

oooh!!! sneaky creapy crawlies!! awesome!!!

The kids have started watching a show on Discovery Kids called Growing Up Creepie and it is all about bugs - EEEWW - but they are actually learning alot!

I hope the lesson goes well.

kirsty815 said...

Oooo what a cute idea! How long does it usually hold up? I live in FL and the heat usually turns the pumpkin to mush if I carve to early. Love that idea though.


Frogs' mom said...

Hi Krystal,

We've been watching the National Geographic Really Wild Animal DVD series - lots of creepy crawlys - it will be interesting to see what Frog makes of the real thing.

Hi Krist,

Our pumpkins can last for a 7 to 14 days in our neck of the woods! Although Diva prefers to paint on her pumpkins rather than carve them - hers last all month!