Friday, August 10, 2007

Food Glorious Food


Food, glorious food!
We're anxious to try it.
Three banquets a day --
Our favourite diet!

The day I've been waiting for has finally arrived - I cooked one meal for my family of four and everyone ate! It was a quick fix dinner from the frozen food section to boot - 15 minutes from freezer to table. Not my favorite way to cook, but it beats prepping three separate meals every night.

Diva has been very good about trying new things over the last year, but Frog remained steadfast in his five dish diet (Ego waffles, PB&J sandwiches, Mac-n-Cheese, Chicken Nuggets and French Fries, and Turkey and Cheese Sub with lots of Olives). A few nights ago, something amazing happened. Frog flat out refused his PB&J sandwich at dinner time - pushed the plate away. Then he went after his Dad's spicy penne and shrimp. Dad held him off, warning him that it was hot and asking him what he wanted. Frog said
"Nu, Nu, Nu, Nu, Nu".

Since that night, Frog has eaten spaghetti with meatballs, Fettuccini Alfredo with chicken and broccoli, white rice (I thought of you Charlie) with Thai sweet and sour sauce, Gnocchi with tomato and cheese sauce, hamburger bun with ketchup (he left the burger behind), popcorn, and muffins. Last night I made homemade rice pilaf and a gourmet pork chop dish with a red wine, rosemary, and Dijon mustard pan juice reduction. Little Frog mostly tossed the rice around, but he did climb onto the counter after dinner and enjoyed the remaining pan juice reduction. Tonight - chicken vegetable stir-fry. I cut the vegetables and chicken really small for him and he ate most of them - even finished what Diva left behind. Diva even surprised us by asking for peas in the pod which I had left out of her serving because I though she only liked carrots and broccoli.

For a Frog Mom who loves to cook, this is happy news indeed!


Max and Me said...

wow...that is really great! in my family we have to make separate foods all the time. my son who has autism is a picky eater and is on the gluten free diet. so...choices are limited. and our older son is picky too. it is hard to have a quick meal.

Frogs' mom said...

Hi Max and Me,

Our oldest was an adventurous eater until she was three. Frog has always been picky about texture, taste and temperature. He'll put anything in his mouth except a new food! I used to joke about putting vegetables under the couch where he would stumble upon them. We tried the GF/CF diet without any noticeable difference in behavior or functioning. Since then I've tried the OT's suggestions about desensitizing and introducing new foods slowly, and his teacher's suggestion that we make him sit at the table and eat properly - to no avail. Like most things, Frog has to come to it on his own in his own time and in his own way. I'm just happy about his new found interest.

mcewen said...

Horray for you! Whoop de do! Hope to join you in this feat within the next decade.

Frogs' mom said...

Hi McEwen,

Thanks for the comment. Frog is busy eating goldfish crackers upstairs (that made me think of your boys).

I know what a struggle you've had with food issues. I wish you the best of luck. None of the tricks of the trade seem to work for Frog - he just made up his mind to start trying things. He's been on antibiotics (in theory - he/we wear more than he ingests) this week and did have an antibiotic shot last week. I don't know if that made a difference how appealing the food appeared, smelled, tasted. I don't think his food issues were ever as sever as your boys', and he doesn't show any OCD tendencies so we are lucky there.

Language and communication is still our biggest hurdle. I so enjoy reading your posts and hearing your boys' observations and comments. They make me look at things twice before assuming I know what Frog is thinking.

rainbowmummy said...

You must have been soooooo happy!
We had an amazing day the otherday food wise, I am still in shock lol!