Thursday, April 26, 2007

We Don't Call Her Diva for Nothing

Keeping up with the house work is always an issue around the pond. There is always laundry to wash, dry and fold; there are always dishes to be washed and put away; there is always something spilled that needs to be wiped up; there is always something to wash off of the windows and furniture; there is always something to vacuum; there is always clutter. Sometimes we just throw our hands up and say "what can we do". Little Frog gets blamed for a lot of the mess - primarily because he has three cardinal rules:

1. Flat surfaces must remain flat - the corollary being, anything that causes a flat surface not to be flat must be removed. Little Frog enforces this rule by "clearing" every table, counter, or desk by pushing the offending items to the floor.

2. Clothing may be worn for no more than three hours at a time (skin must breath). He learned quickly that in order to get some time sans clothing or at least get a new outfit, he needed to make a mess out of the one he is wearing. Also, we have never had to address "Will independently remove shoes, socks, shirt or pants" in an IEP.

3. All liquid must be freed. There can be no liquid contained in any cup, bowl, can, bottle, sink, tub, bucket, fountain, sensory table, toilet bowl, or other vessel of any kind. Little Frog must seek out and release all that he finds (and he does find it all). His coup de grace was when he decided that raw eggs also fall into this category and he "released" a dozen eggs from their shells in the dining room.

That being said, today as I cleared the floor in preparation for the daily vacuuming what I kept coming across were shoes. Not my shoes, not Daddy Frog's shoes, and not Little Frog's shoes:

Be reminded that I vacuum everyday - these are just the shoes from yesterday! We don't call her Diva for nothing!


Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

You vacuum daily? Wow..can you come to my house ? (lol) But with little frog's cardinal rules, I guess you would have too!


Frog's mom said...
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Frog's mom said...

I should have said "Fred" vacuums daily. Fred is our bright red Romba Vacuum. I'd had my eye on one for some time and this year Diva and Little Frog, with some help from Daddy Frog, got me one for Christmas. We still get the old vacuum out for some messes, but for daily cleaning - Fred is amazing. Since we lost our dog a few years back, we've been without a pet. Fred is sort of filling that void right now. We just have to keep Little Frog from trying to ride it!

rainbowmummy said...

boo fred is your bright red Romba Vacuum, I had a loely image of a handsome man in just an apron lol!!