Saturday, August 12, 2006

Little Frog's first year in pictures

A few photos of little frog's first year.

Diva frog was enamored of little frog from the moment we brought him home. She was able to sleep through the screaming! Little frog is really lucky to have such a great big sister :0)

Little frog loves to swing (and bounce, and hop, and climb, and run, and spin). Our baby swing got quite a workout. Note the clenched fists - early signs of proprioceptive issues and tactile hyper-sensitive (later became hypo-sensitive)- we didn't know what we were seeing at the time.

Little frog is a very good driver. Not only could he maneuver his walker just about anywhere, he was happy to give Diva frog a ride down the hall.

The summer of 2003 was pleasant in the Northwest. A good thing, as little frog would live outside if we would let him. Here is the boat, pool, playpen at grandma's house.

The photo of little frog at his first birthday party did not publish. The frosting on the cake was a hit, but the rest of the party was a bit overwhelming. He disappeared into the house and we found him waiting in the bathtub for someone to turn on the water.

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