Monday, August 24, 2009

Autistic Teen Finds Inner Voice

Here is a link to some video from the 20/20 segment on Carly Fleischmann from earlier this month. If you've not heard Carly's story check out her blog Carly's Voice.

Carly is an inspirational young lady. Diagnosed with Autism at age two, Carly is non-verbal (doesn't speak). At age 11 she began to type and is telling the world, in her own words, what it is like to live with autism - Her insight helps parents, siblings, friends and teachers have a better understanding of what life is like for kids like her. She is a hero in my book! Thanks for speaking out Carly :0)

If you know or work with Frog - please take the time to watch this video. Thanks!

Autistic Teen Finds Inner Voice – New video taken from 20/20 after the broadcast

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