Thursday, July 09, 2009

Frog at School

Ok, Ok, I know I said I'd post more about Frog's return to school - and I know its been months! But now that we're half way through summer vacation, I finally have a little time to breath. We found out that Frog's Para Educator from last year has been re-hired by the school district to work with Frog. We are beyond thrilled as she was one of the biggest reasons for his successful transition back to school.

We are trying very hard this summer to keep up all the good work Frog and Para J. did last year. He is brushing his teeth and taking on more of the chore of getting himself dressed. He is working on using a spoon - though it is still not his favorite way to eat. He is trying to learn a couple of new signs and trying to remember a couple of old ones. We are reading chapters about the Oceans and using RPM for Frog to answer questions - we hope to get in a trip to the Pacific Ocean at the end of the book (although Frog continues to insist we should visit the Arctic Ocean). Frog is enjoying music time with his Dad and having play dates every now and then. But he does seem to miss school - Summer vacation is boring when mom has to work! So here is a look back to Frog at School, courtesy of Para J. who took all of the wonderful pictures for me :0)